Powder coating

Besides hot dip galvanization and wet painting, Avex has its own powder painting shop which is equipped with the most modern technology. Our painting shop is located directly in one of our production halls and it is in operation since March 2016. This in-house production enables better overview and control in the whole production process.

Type of products

Our painting line corresponds with our standard products.
Maximum dimensions suitable for our painting line: 3000mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 2400mm (H).


Technological process of powder coating

  • Pre-treatment of the surface: mechanical and chemical cleaning of pallets with the use of hot bath solution and nozzles. Phosphating finish. Phosphating finish. Pre-treatment station is equipped with the production of demineralized water and wastewater neutralization station.
  • Drying in the oven: The drying temperature can be set as needed, usually in the range between 90°C and 120°C.
  • Application of the powder in the cabin: Carried out through automated units with electrostatic pistols. This technology is the most ecological, economical and safest in the field of modern painting - allows to apply a polyester or epoxy ester colours without the use of solvents. Automatic cabin is also designed for manual application of powder coatings, especially for complex shaped parts.
  • Curing oven: Powder coating has to be fired at a temperature of about 200° C.
  • Cooling on the conveyor: cooling of the pallets after the oven in naturally way, equipped with lifting device with max. payload 600 kg.

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