NEO PALLETS for tire storage

The NEO pallets is our innovation and the assembly is defining by the customer.
The customer can choose between sidewalls variants: height 2205mm, 2000mmm, 1800mm.
Length of pallet base: 2395mm, 2378mm, 2295mm.
Pallet base: sheet, perforated sheet, welded screens, steel profiles only.

Tire pallet NEO

All pallet types are stackable and foldable. Easy handling: from each long side a forklift lug is placed.

Pallets for tire storage - standard types

We produce and design wide range of metal pallets for storage and production of tires. Pallets are foldable and stackable, easily manipulated by forklift. Our products are treated by comaxite, zinc coating or painting RAL, according to the customers' wish. You can also find additional information on our specialized website

Tire pallet - AT 003 for passenger tire PSR

Tire pallet - AT 011 for agri and OTR tire

Tire pallet - AT 11240 for truck tire

Tire pallet - GY LIGHT for tire hotel storage

Pallets for tire storage - other types



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