Tire racks - fixed

With fixed tire rack you are able to store up to 6 levels of tires. Each level can hold 8 or 16 tires with 2000 beam, the shorter 1000 mm beam takes 4 or 8 tires per level. The beams are adjustable in 60 mm intervals, beam securing is included to prevent the beam from lifting unintentionally.

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Tire racks - compact

With tire rack compact, one can store more than twice as much in the same space compared to conventional tyre racks. The track is laid flat on the floor and the wagons are moved by means of steering wheel and chain drive on all wheels. The tire rack can store up to 6 levels. Each level can hold 16 tyres with 2000 beam; the shorter 1000 mm beam takes 8 tires per level.

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Technical specification of "Tire racks" and "Tire racks compact"

pdfView our datasheet: avex-tyre-rack-eng.pdf



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