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Disinfection Floor Stand S1

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By providing the support, you help to remind people of the importance of hygiene measures.

  • Stability and mobility: Thanks to the sufficiently wide base plate of 290 x 290 mm, Avex NICAS S1 is characterized by perfect stability.
  • High quality steel: The surface is powder coated. This not only guarantees a long service life, but also the durability of the material during many treatments with disinfectants.
  • Variability: Avex NICAS S1 is ideal for use with any type of hand sanitizer, gel or soap dispenser.
  • Durability: AVEX products have a very long lifespan.
  • Avex disinfection floor stand is ideal for high frequency areas such as shops, schools, halls,  medical clinics and other public places.

Technical parameters:

Material: steel.
Surface treatment: powder coating.
Total height: 1000 mm.
Base dimensions: 290 x 290 mm.
Plate for dispenser: 150 x 105 mm.

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Technical parameters

Powder coating
Surface finish
280 x 280 mm
Ground plan
1 000 mm
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