Product code: 095R10

Disinfection Floor Stand S1 MINI

54,90 €

A short version of the desinfiction floor stand for hydroalcoholic gel dispensers has been created based on the requirements of our customers. The short racks are designed primarily for kindergartens and other places where there are a large number of small children.

  • Specific height: Having a total height of 1000 mm and the dispenser support located at a height of  850 mm, Avex NICAS MINI hand disinfection station is ideal for children.
  • Stability and Mobility: Robust construction prevents tipping. Thanks to its sufficiently wide base of  290 x 290 mm, this product is characterized by perfect stability.
  • High quality steel: High quality steel guarantees a long service life as well as the resistance of the material during frequent treatment with disinfectants.
  • Avex NICAS S1 MINI is ideal for high frequency areas such as kindergartens, schools or other places where there are a large number of small children.

Technical parameters:

Material: steel
Surface treatment: powder coating
Total height: 1000 mm
Base dimensions: 290 x 290 mm
Plate for dispenser: 150 x 105 mm

Do you have specific requirements?

We can make a tailor-made disinfection floor stand from specific materials or in the size you require.
Contact us by email: or by phone +420 577 116 311.

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Technical parameters

Powder coating
Surface finish
850 mm
280 x 280 mm
Ground plan
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