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Revolutionise Your Tyre Storage: Efficient solutions to minimise risk and increase productivity

Are you tired of searching for tyres in your warehouse? Worried about the safety of your employees and the risk of damage to your valuable inventory? Our professional tyre storage solutions are designed to address these challenges and take your warehouse operations to the next level.

With our innovative steel pallets, you can optimise your storage space, simplify inventory management and ensure safe and efficient tyre handling. Our foldable and stackable designs allow flexible storage configurations to meet your business needs and maximise storage capacity.

Key benefits of our tyre storage solutions:

1. Improved safety: Minimise the risk of injury and damage to tyres with our stable and secure storage systems.
2. Faster order processing: Easily locate and retrieve tyres, reducing time-consuming searches and increasing productivity.
3. Optimised space utilisation: Maximise your storage capacity and minimise wasted space with our efficient designs.
4. Simplified inventory management: Reduce the frustration of slow and complicated counting by simplifying the inventory process.
5. Improved efficiency: Speed up order preparation and minimise wasted time with our professional storage solutions.

Don't let inefficient tyre storage hinder your business growth. Invest in our professional solutions and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tyres are safe, your staff are protected and your operations run smoothly.

Discover how our tyre storage solutions can transform your warehouse and give you a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards a more efficient and profitable future.

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passengers tyres

Maximise your tyre storage efficiency with our customisable steel pallet solutions.

Imagine a tyre storage system that adapts to your changing needs, optimises the use of your warehouse space. Our steel tyre pallets are designed to make this vision a reality. As a trusted manufacturer of steel pallets, we specialise in providing customisable tyre storage solutions. We help companies like yours achieve their stock management goals.

Our foldable and stackable tyre racks allow you to maximise vertical space and can accommodate up to 9m high when fully loaded with tyres. When collapsed, these racks can be stacked an impressive 20 pallets high, ensuring optimum space utilisation.

We understand that every business has different requirements, which is why we offer different storage configurations, including storing tyres tied to pallets, horizontal, vertical or mixed storage. Our tyre storage optimisation experts will work closely with you to design a solution that maximises your storage capacity and simplifies your tyre inventory management process.

Our tyre storage racks are equipped with forklift lugs on each long side. This makes them easy to handle and transport, saving you time and effort. Rest assured that your tyres are safe, organised and easily accessible when you need them.

Invest in our customisable tyre storage solutions and take the first step towards realising your dream of a more efficient, safe and profitable tyre storage system. Contact us today to explore how our customisable tyre storage solutions can help you achieve your long-term storage goals and revolutionise your warehouse operations.

truck/ bus tyres

Improve your truck, bus and tractor tyre inventory management with our durable and flexible steel pallet solutions for efficient storage.

When it comes to the storage of tyres for trucks, buses and tractors, safety and efficiency are key. Our heavy duty steel pallets are designed to address the common concerns and frustrations faced by warehouses and transport companies.
We understand the constant worry about tyres being damaged during storage or the fear of accidents caused by unstable stacking. That's why our steel pallets provide a safe and reliable solution, ensuring that your tyres remain in perfect condition and your staff can work with absolute safety.
Because every square foot of your warehouse counts, space optimisation is another important concern. Our flexible steel pallets maximise vertical storage capacity, allowing you to store more tyres in less space without compromising on accessibility. Say goodbye to the frustration of cluttered and disorganised tyre storage areas that hinder productivity.
Inventory management can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, leading to costly delays and dissatisfied customers. Our steel pallets streamline your tyre inventory management, making it easy to locate and retrieve specific tyres when needed. With clear identification and efficient organisation, you can reduce the time and effort spent on manual tracking and focus on better serving your customers.
Durability is key when it comes to long-term tyre storage. Our steel pallets are built to withstand the daily use, providing a long-lasting solution that minimises maintenance and replacement costs. Invest in a storage system that grows with your business and adapts to your changing needs.
At AVEX, we understand your long-term desire for a tyre storage solution that combines safety, efficiency and customisation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design a system that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your storage goals.
Don't let tyre storage concerns hold your business back. Put the power of our steel pallets to work for you and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tyres are safe, your space is optimised and your inventory is under control. Take the first step to transforming your tyre storage today.

SUV & 4x4 tyres

Maximise the efficiency of your warehouse operations by safely storing your SUV and 4x4 tyres with our innovative steel pallet solutions.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of unorganised storage and potential damage to your valuable inventory. Our customisable SUV tyre storage solutions are precisely designed to meet the specific challenges posed by the size and weight of SUV and 4x4 tyres, ensuring optimum space utilisation and easy access when you need it most. Don't let inefficient storage practices hinder your business growth. Explore our comprehensive range of steel pallets today and transform your warehouse into a streamlined and organised space that meets the demands of your industry.

agri/ em tyres

Experience flexible storage solutions specifically designed for the AGRI & OTR and industrial tyre sectors with our innovative steel pallets.

Designed to eliminate the frustrations of disorganised storage and the potential risks of damage to your valuable inventory, our customisable storage solutions include AGRI & OTR tyre racks. Specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of AGRI & OTR and earthmover tyres, our steel pallets ensure optimum space utilisation and easy access, streamlining your warehouse operations. Don't let inefficient storage practices hinder your business growth, explore our comprehensive range of steel pallets including customisable AGRI & OTR and efficient industrial tyre storage solutions and transform your warehouse into a streamlined, organised space.

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