Transform your warehouse with vertical tyre storage solutions

Are you having trouble finding an efficient way of storing tyres vertically in your warehouse? Our sophisticated steel pallet systems are designed to optimise vertical space utilisation, minimise tyre deformation and completely improve your storage operations.

As experts in vertical tyre storage, we know that stacking tyres sidewall to sidewall can lead to distortion due to weight. That's why our steel pallet racking is designed to store tyres vertically, side by side, ensuring that the integrity of each tyre is maintained.

Whether you need single or double depth racking to store tyres of different sizes, our flexible solutions will meet your specific requirements. With a storage height of up to 8m when fully loaded and an impressive 32 pallet heights when empty, our pallets maximise your vertical storage capacity like never before.

To save you time and labour, our racks include fork lifting lugs on each long side for easy handling and transport. Our team of specialists will work hand in hand with you to create a customised vertical tyre storage system that perfectly meets your warehouse layout and operational goals.

Don't let inefficient tyre storage limit the potential of your warehouse. Invest in our steel pallet vertical tyre storage systems and reach new levels of efficiency, organisation and profitability. Contact us today to find out how our vertical tyre storage solutions can transform your warehouse operations and drive your business forward.

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